Who's who at DSE Consulting?

If you want a licence for AnyLogic simulation software, training on how to use it, or a personalised demo of how it works, this is the team you need to speak to in the UK.

David DSE Consulting



David Buxton has been working with AnyLogic simulation software for more than 15 years. He founded DSE Consulting to supply the licence and is the sole distributor for it in the UK. DSE also has exclusive rights for UK sales of Pathmind, the world’s first deep reinforcement learning tool for simulation modelling. Dave’s interest in human decision-making is deeply entrenched in technology. It dates back to operational research and traditional mathematics and extends into the future of AI and the evolution of computer-led intelligence. David and a specialist team also provide consultancy services through technology company decisionLab, DSE’s sister operation.

Aanand DSE Consulting


Managing Director

Aanand Davé leads a team of simulation specialists to deliver training and support for AnyLogic software users in the UK. Not only selling the product licence but guiding senior executives interested in simulation and AI to make the most profitable choices for their business. Aanand has a background in design, engineering, and architecture as well as having worked on many simulation models. Concerned with efficiency and sustainability as much as he is with providing a high-quality product, Aanand weaves together ideas around traditional mathematics, creativity, and conscious thought as a trusted leader in the field of simulation.

Stuart DSE Consulting


Training & Technology

Stuart Rossiter is the UK’s leading trainer in AnyLogic simulation software. He delivers DSE Consulting’s three-day training course, showing you how to use elements of the software and explore different ways to use it. He also mentors DSE clients who already work in simulation and need one-to-one support. Stuart worked as a software developer and architect for 15 years becoming an expert in Java programming, which underpins the AnyLogic software. Stuart applies these skills to simulation development helping DSE clients get the most out of the software whilst, at the same time, providing them with the highest level of support.

Nat DSE Consulting


Marketing & Communications

Natalie Smithson joins DSE Consulting at a time of rapid growth. She manages a dramatic shift in our approach to marketing and communications ready for the future of simulation. Nat has more than twenty years of experience in marketing, editorial, and communications teams across different industries but specialises in advancing technology, especially AI. She is also a champion for change in the tech industry, working in support of greater diversity and good ethics. Creative and a fast-thinker, Nat works to bring every new DSE Consulting client into the niche world of simulation with clarity and confidence and to support their ongoing experience.

Rosario DSE Consulting


Sales Engineer

Rosario Micillo is the representative for DSE Consulting in Italy. Based in the UK, Rosario helps British and Italian organisations solve complex problems with simulation modelling. Familiar with both markets and able to lean on a decade of experience in the industry, Rosario can help to familiarise you with simulation techniques, the AnyLogic software, and new AI technologies that will help you maximise your results in the future. He works closely with you and your team to fully understand what you want to achieve and how we can help you get there.

Gemma DSE Consulting


PA to Directors

Gemma Phillips is PA to the DSE Consulting directors and assists our clients with product sales, maintenance, training and support queries. She’s an experienced executive assistant having supported business leaders at CEO, Board, and senior management level. With her trusty Bullet Journal, Gemma isn’t only the keeper of the to-do list. She groups our tasks into multiple collections of lists, prioritises our busy schedule, and diligently tracks progress, always with a suggestion for improvement. So if you need help, ask for Gemma.

Kelvin DSE Consulting



Kelvin Yeung is a specialist in AnyLogic simulation software and was the first person to test drive Pathmind, a next-generation deep reinforcement learning tool that turns your AnyLogic simulation model into an AI-enabled support tool for business analysis. Expert at programming in Java and Python, Kelvin works on simulation projects across every industry building personalised demos for DSE Consulting clients, assisting with training, creating simulation models, and helping to develop exciting new AI integrations for the future of simulation.