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Stuart Rossiter

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Stuart Rossiter is the UK’s leading trainer in AnyLogic simulation software. He delivers DSE Consulting’s three-day training course, showing you how to use elements of the software and explore different ways to use it. He also mentors DSE clients who already work in simulation and need one-to-one support. Stuart worked as a software developer and architect for 15 years becoming an expert in Java programming, which underpins the AnyLogic software. Stuart applies these skills to simulation development helping DSE clients get the most out of the software whilst, at the same time, providing them with the highest level of support.

Stuart’s extensive experience in simulation modelling spans across many years working in both commercial and academic environments. His expertise with using AnyLogic simulation software is unrivalled in the UK and he’s one of the most advanced users in the world.

DSE Consulting AnyLogic training UK
121 mentor sessions at the DSE Consulting AnyLogic training course, UK

What Stuart knows better than most is that designing models well is not an easy task. Simulation can be applied to an enormous range of real-world contexts, each of which has complex systems to model. Deciding how to scope these models is tough enough, but once that’s done, you can’t just drag and drop elements into it. Stuart builds a computerised world from nothing.

Stuart DSE Consulting AnyLogic training UK

One of the things he finds most rewarding about his training and support role at DSE is being able to explore new challenges. With each new client, Stuart uncovers subtle differences in the way AnyLogic software can be used to solve important questions in new situations. Teaching others, Stuart is always pleased to see an ‘aha’ moment and likes questions that force him to think more deeply about simulation design and implementation.

Simulation—with the significant advancement of AI—has changed a lot since Stuart’s days in academia where he studied computer science, operational research, and social science disciplines. He sees a conflict where data is the focus of AI, yet behaviour sits at the heart of simulation — the two don’t always mesh successfully together. In whatever way software developers overcome these issues in the future, Stuart will always support a culture that takes a pioneering approach to problem-solving but without skimping on quality.

Stuart DSE Consulting with Dr. Andrei Borshchev AnyLogic
Stuart with Dr. Andrei Borshchev, founder and CEO of The AnyLogic Company

Because he was hunched over a keyboard so often, Stuart used to play volleyball and was a coach at the national league level. These days, you’re more likely to find him playing computer games at home with his son. It’s another way for Stuart to move between the physical and the computerised world, figuring out how to apply the technology he knows so well to simulation projects in aerospace, power generation, and so much more.