AI for simulation

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Find out how to combine simulation modelling and deep reinforcement learning with AnyLogic and Pathmind

This powerful new combination helps you make even better decisions for the future of your business.

Agent-based simulation and reinforcement learning

DSE Consulting founder, David Buxton (centre), joins the discussion about next-generation AI at the AnyLogic 2019 conference. On the panel are AI specialist representatives from Microsoft, PwC, Pathmind, and more.

AI and simulation in business

Artificial intelligence and simulation in business

This white paper from The AnyLogic Company provides examples of how AI and simulation are already being used together.

Kelvin DSE Consulting

DSE Consulting’s Kelvin Yeung is a specialist in AnyLogic simulation software and was the first person to test drive Pathmind.

Expert at programming in Java and Python, Kelvin works on simulation projects across every industry building personalised demos for DSE Consulting clients, assisting with training, creating simulation models, and helping to develop exciting new AI integrations for the future of simulation.

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