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Rosario DSE Consulting

Rosario Micillo

Sales Engineer

Rosario Micillo is a simulation specialist with expert working knowledge of supply chain, particularly in the automotive sector. At DSE Consulting he is heavily involved in every area of the business but particularly with our expansion into the Italian market in the 2020s.

Having worked on many simulation models, Rosario knows that every client, whoever and wherever they are, is faced with fresh challenges for every new simulation project. Keen to explore these in-depth to find the most efficient, trouble-free way for people to overcome them, Rosario is a warm and empathetic communicator. His calm approach means clients can achieve their goals faster and with less frustration than they might have without this support. 

The thing that Rosario enjoys most about his role as a sales engineer is working on a diverse range of projects, from manufacturing and transportation to healthcare and defence. Motivated by the concept of change, this diversity feeds his interest in advancing technologies.

Outside of work, Rosario cooks, plays sports, and loves to travel. His enthusiasm for discovery and progression, alongside a diplomatic approach to simulation strategy, are the qualities Rosario brings to every new project at DSE Consulting, from your very first interaction with him.