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Nat Smithson

Marketing & Communications

Nat Smithson is a copywriter by trade and has worked with technology throughout her career as a digital marketer. She started out in market research where she first began to toy with web design and construction. This led to roles for blue-chip companies, non-profits, and tech startups where Nat has built and tested websites, trained other people to use content management systems, and written and edited content before becoming responsible for all marketing activities including external and internal communications.

Nat trained as a photographer as well as a writer; she marries these two key elements together to develop a strong digital identity for DSE Consulting. As we all move further and further into our online world, Nat studies human behaviour, persuasive design, and conversion copywriting to understand how and why people behave and react the way they do online. This helps us better communicate what we do and why, so that, as our clients, you get more of what you want and need from us as an organisation.

At DSE Consulting, Nat enjoys being surrounded by like-minded people who are keen to explore the possibilities of everything that new technology has to offer. She encourages more females to enter the tech space and is supportive of a greater diversity in the field as well as the ‘tech for good’ movement. She sees simulation as a hidden gem in the AI space for large, complex businesses looking for tangible results from the use of technology and knows the specialist team at DSE Consulting can deliver on this.

Ever-curious, Nat has travelled the world working as a volunteer. Now she has a family, Nat looks for adventure closer to home, be it driving a tank, climbing high ropes, or hiring a VW camper van for a road trip.