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Aanand Davé

Managing Director

Aanand Davé is not your typical sales chief. He has a strong background in visual design and sustainability, so helping DSE Consulting clients get the most out of every possible aspect of simulation modelling is key to his role as Managing Director.

Aanand’s interest in design began with a BSc in Industrial Design and Engineering which he followed up with an MSc in Sustainable Architecture. Even now, years later, Aanand is constantly wanting to create and build models of all kinds. Be it a physical architectural model or a virtual simulation. 

Aanand DSE Consulting AnyLogic conference
Aanand talks about digital twins at the AnyLogic annual conference

Many people working in simulation emphasise only the mathematical elements of the work involved, but Aanand chooses to look more widely at everything that modelling has to offer. He’s been involved in many projects that focus on visualisation as well as data. Also, models that serve as a proof of concept for senior executives, rather than only as a statistical output of results. This widens the appeal of simulation modelling, allowing us to embrace new opportunities and explore different ways to use new techniques and tools across many industries.

Aanand DSE Consulting AnyLogic conference

As well as introducing creative ideas to his simulation methods, Aanand considers resourcefulness an important factor in every part of his work. Having completed a PhD in Factory Resource Efficiency Modelling, this informs the way he now helps clients to develop lean methods of model creation, saving both their time and budget.

Aanand enjoys working within a team that has a variety of different backgrounds since he’s a musician as well as a simulation specialist. The band he played the guitar for made it pretty big and music was his full-time gig until Aanand decided the life of a travelling musician wasn’t for him. The experience left him with an appreciation for combined skills, being logical and creative at the same time. Aanand believes you can use cutting edge technology that requires a lot of free thought and experimentation to make it work, but at the same time be sensible in your approach to problem-solving, following a set process.