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Kelvin Yeung

Simulation Consultant

Kelvin Yeung is a techie through and through. His background is in discrete event simulation modelling and Java programing, which means AnyLogic is the perfect platform for him to excel in. Kelvin also has an engineering degree and experience in rail operations and planning, so he knows how important (and difficult) it is to inspect every element of a large, complicated system so that you can understand how to improve it. For Kelvin, one of the best things about being a simulation consultant is working on a diverse range of projects that are complex in nature.

Kelvin DSE Consulting simulation AI talk
Kelvin talks about being the first person to test drive a brand new AI tool called Pathmind for use with AnyLogic simulation software

Inspired by invention, Kelvin is curious about the future of technology. He’s keen to explore the possibilities we have ahead of us with the explosion of artificial intelligence, but physically he’ll push himself too. Kelvin plays volleyball, basketball, tennis, and table tennis, improving tactics all the time to be a better player. He’s also a pianist but insists, in everything he does, that perfection isn’t the goal. Even in computer programming, Kelvin will tell you a bug is not a bug, it’s an undocumented feature. Throughout his work and in his personal life, this means Kelvin is a strategist and keen to advance, but knows that much of the fun is in figuring out how to get to where you want to be.

Simulation has been around for decades, but only now with the introduction of AI are we about to see a significant jump in its development.

Kelvin DSE Consulting deep reinforcement learning talk

Kelvin is right at the heart of this shift, working with the world’s leading software (AnyLogic) and the first-ever deep reinforcement learning tool for simulation (Pathmind).

At DSE Consulting, we bring together the two technologies to maximise the results for business leaders and the real-life problems you face today.