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Gemma Phillips

Sales Support

Gemma Phillips is a natural organiser. She loves to write lists and tick off tasks as she accomplishes them. Gemma is unphased—inspired, even—by a long list of things to be done. This makes her an asset to the team at DSE Consulting because she not only helps the rest of us get organised too but, as a growing, thriving company, there’s no time for us to sit still. Her quick-thinking and swift planning keep us on track.

At home, Gemma observes even more closely how a working community operates because she keeps bees. She finds the workings of a hive to be very much like any business organisation since every worker bee has a dedicated role, but they must work closely together to find success. This is very much how DSE Consulting chooses to function, operating virtually but keeping in close contact at the same time. This is just the kind of open, productive environment where Gemma thrives, keeping our operations on track as we build for the future of simulation and AI.