AnyLogic training course UK

In this 3-day AnyLogic training course for UK professionals and academics, you’ll build simulation models from scratch, learn some relevant Java programming, and get an exclusive 121 mentoring session with your trainer from DSE Consulting.

The most comprehensive software for simulation modelling, AnyLogic is the only one to combine all three different types of modelling methods. By the end of this training course, you’ll be familiar with them all:

  1. Discrete-event simulation (DES; also known as process modelling)
  2. System dynamics (SD)
  3. Agent-based modelling (ABM)
AnyLogic UK training simulation modelling

There are many AnyLogic concepts and techniques relevant to any simulation you build, so we place a lot of emphasis on making sure you understand the core set of AnyLogic capabilities before going too deep into specifics. Once you’re familiar with the basics, you’re free to explore specialist features relevant to you and the simulation projects you’re working on now or plan to work on in the future.

On day three, enjoy a 121 mentoring session with a member of our team to work on your own unique project, so that when the course is finished, you can continue to build with confidence.

DSE Consulting AnyLogic training UK
Join other AnyLogic users at all different levels of capability in a relaxed training environment

The AnyLogic training course is open to anyone interested in simulation

Join us if you are:

  • New to simulation modelling and/or the AnyLogic software
  • An experienced simulation modeller but new to AnyLogic
  • An analyst or business manager wanting to understand what AnyLogic can do for you or your organisation
  • An academic using simulation modelling as part of your research
  • A relatively experienced AnyLogic modeller wanting to update or enhance your skills, especially if you’re self-taught or want to upgrade to the latest, more comprehensive version of the software
  • You’re experienced with other simulation products but want to try interesting new ways to do things using the multi-method modelling tools and Java-based options that only AnyLogic offers

Be confident in building your simulation model

As well as leaving the course with a good understanding of the AnyLogic architecture and having used a wide variety of its features and libraries, you’ll go away with basic knowledge of relevant Java. Then, to prepare you for the real-world experience of modelling, we also share key insights into the modelling process and explain how to think through your simulation design in AnyLogic to maximise your opportunity for success. 

Our team has carried out extensive consultancy work using AnyLogic software (and, in some cases, academic research). We pool that specialist knowledge together to pass onto you, deepening your understanding of simulation modelling. We’ll illustrate key points using existing case studies from companies like Eurostar and the Department for Work and Pensions.

I really appreciated that DSE Consulting took the time to explain some key underlying concepts behind how AnyLogic works, rather than just getting us to blindly build example models. It was also helpful to get an idea of the range of things that can be modelled with AnyLogic. I really enjoyed the course, it has given me confidence that AnyLogic is the right tool to solve some of our key business issues and has given me a good basis to start building my own models.”

Course rating: 9/10 stars

2020 attendee

Each day we steer the training towards your specific needs as an individual group

Although every training group is different and we do our best to reflect your interests, there is a core agenda that you will cover over three days:

Day 1
  • Introduction to simulation modelling and the AnyLogic software
  • Model and experiment fundamentals using a very simple process model
  • Process modelling (DES) using a factory model
  • System dynamics (SD) and multi-run experiments using a product adoption model
  • Introduction to AnyLogic’s cloud capability
AnyLogic UK training Day 1
Day 2
  • Agent-based modelling (ABM) and use of optimisation (for model calibration) using a disease spread model
  • A wider view of AnyLogic’s architecture, visualisation options, and multi-method modelling
  • Java basics for AnyLogic software
  • A more advanced ABM of a supply chain using spatiality, geographic systems, and data-driven model configuration (via the AnyLogic database)
AnyLogic UK training Day 2
Day 3
  • Complete the supply chain model from Day 2
AnyLogic UK training Day 3
  • Choose a specialist feature to explore in greater depth:
    • Pedestrian flow (and agent-based disease additions) in an airport
    • Road traffic in Rome’s Piazza del Colosseo
    • A fluid flow and rail network hybrid model of an oil refinery
    • Rail network model of a hump yard
    • Process model of a call centre (as a ‘from scratch’ problem without step-by-step instructions)

      Alternatively, expand on a simulation model you built during the course or work on your own model

  • 121 mentoring session with DSE Consulting to work on your own model with personalised training and support from us
AnyLogic UK training Day 3 (2)

Meet your AnyLogic UK trainer

Stuart DSE Consulting

Stuart Rossiter is the UK’s leading trainer in AnyLogic simulation software. He delivers the 3-day AnyLogic training course, showing you how to use elements of the software and explore different ways to use it. He also mentors DSE clients who already work in simulation and need one-to-one support.

Stuart worked as a software developer and architect for 15 years becoming an expert in Java programming, which underpins the AnyLogic software. Stuart applies these skills to simulation development helping DSE clients get the most out of the software whilst, at the same time, providing them with the highest level of support.

Central Birmingham location with train stations nearby and plenty of places to stay

AnyLogic UK training Millennium Point


Millennium Point
Curzon Street
B4 7XG

Your questions answered

What will I need to bring with me?

You need a laptop with the latest version of AnyLogic installed on it.

If you don’t have a licence for the AnyLogic software, you can get a free 30-day trial (download the Professional edition for training). You could use the Personal Learning Edition if you already have it, but be aware that you won’t be able to complete a small number of the training exercises.

Download free software at

AnyLogic UK free licence download

nb. We strongly recommend that you bring a mouse for your laptop because using AnyLogic with the trackpad is fiddly and, so, distracting during training.

Will I be out of my depth if I know nothing about simulation?

You don’t need any previous knowledge of AnyLogic or Java programming to attend this training course, but there are a couple of things you could do beforehand if you want to feel more prepared:

1) Work through a couple of phases of an AnyLogic tutorial.

Go to > Tutorials
We recommend Job Shop or Wind Turbine Maintenance

2) Read some of the lessons from Oracle’s Learning the Java Language.

Go to
We recommend Object-Oriented Programming Concepts and Language Basics

Take away copies of all of the training materials and AnyLogic models

We’ll provide you with lunch every day, plus tea and coffee or water. 

At the end of the three days, you’ll take home:

  • Printed training materials for the core course
  • Electronic training materials for the core course and the optional modelling exercises
  • Completed versions of all of the models that allow you to skip through to particular steps and examine them in more detail

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